This ever changing world has led many people to different places, job opportunities and lifestyles. Students aim for admission to the world’s best universities while families migrate to the most livable places on earth. Most of the best universities and places to live are actually located in English speaking countries. This is why those who are pursuing to enroll at renowned schools or migrate need to prove that they have the English skills necessary to live in an English-speaking country.


Jim Lacosta understands the importance of being English proficient in many people. He has created this website to reach out to students and test takers as well as help them make their goals highly achievable. Passing the IELTS test may require a lot of things such as tons of knowledge, patients, practice and effort. Jim would like to make the entire test preparation process easy by simply making this helpful website available to immigrants, students and professionals who need to improve their English language skills.

Explore the most useful information that this website has to offer. The English language proficiency test may be quite challenging, but through enrolling in a course and using effective preparation steps students and all types of test takers will have a great chance in doing well during the test.