Jim Lacosta
March 29, 2015

Ways Your DICTIONARY Can Improve your English Skills


Learning the English language can be easy but mastering it can be very challenging. There are actually many things to know about English learning. For example, Do you know the difference between active and passive listening? Anyway, people need to learn about grammar and expand their vocabulary. Knowing the exact meaning of words and how to properly use them is very important especially to individuals who want to write, are preparing for an English proficiency test or about to have a job interview. Speaking of improving one’s vocabulary skills, I came across an article yesterday that talks about the ways that the dictionary can improve one’s English skills. I have five different dictionaries at home and many others on my computer. I’ve always loved learning new words and when I came across this article, the first thing that came into my mind was to share it with you.

I agree that indeed the dictionary is one of the most important books that people possess. It contains English words and meanings that are very useful for academic and professional success. Without the dictionary, people will be at loss for the right words to say and couldn’t express what they truly have in mind.

The good news is that today, dictionaries can be used in just a matter of clicks. You do not have to bring the entire book and just use a gadget such as a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. There are educational tools such as dictionary software or apps, which works by providing you new words to learn on a daily basis, or the meaning of the word that you enter in the search box.  Once you take advantage of these apps, you will find expanding your vocabulary effective and enjoyable.

Now, if you are asking exactly how a dictionary can improve your English learning skills, then I have some very good answers for you. A dictionary provides you with the meaning of every word you use in speaking, writing, reading, and listening with the English language. Without a dictionary, there is no way that you can use the language properly. Dictionaries also provide the right pronunciation of a word as well as how you can use the word in a sentence. Bear in mind that knowing many words is not enough as you actually need to learn how you can use them in the right way. Learning the correct word usage in a sentence will help you speak and write well properly.

Dictionaries also provide the right spelling of words. Bear in mind that not knowing the correct spelling is a major mistake. Dictionaries are very helpful if you are trying to learn English, and there’s that one word that you do not know how to spell. In addition to knowing the correct spelling, you would also learn about the parts of speech indicator such as if the word is a verb, adjective, noun, etc. This can be very helpful in your journey towards learning how to write or speak with the use of the English language.

I personally believe that people should strive to learn and improve their English knowledge and skills. This is especially true to individuals who are pursuing to study, live or work in an English-speaking country.

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Jim Lacosta

Jim Lacosta has a raging passion for art and spends most of his time painting and sketching landscape and portraits. Aside from feeding his soul through art, he is also adept in teaching English.

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