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July 18, 2013

Graduate School Application Tips

Many of my former students are planning to go to graduate school, and I figured that there are actually many of them who just have the intention to enroll, but do not know exactly how they would do it the right way. This article,I suppose, can be helpful to those who are planning to apply for graduate school.

How to apply to graduate school

http://english.colorado.edu/how-to-apply-to-graduate-school/English professors Janice Ho, Karim Mattar, and Maria Windell, as well as graduate students Alex Corey and Allison Shelton will speak to undergraduates about the practical mechanics of applying to graduate school. They will discuss topics such as:

While the focus will be on those seeking an advanced degree in literary studies, students applying to other degree programs will find the information useful. The event is open to all English undergraduates (both literature and creative writing). Food will be provided! Via english.colorado.edu

And of course, there are several things that people should know about before enrolling to graduate school. I believe this article would be extremely helpful to those who are wondering whether or not the graduate school is the best place for them.

Seven Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Graduate School

http://lifehacker.com/seven-things-i-wish-i-knew-before-going-to-graduate-sch-1609488711We’ve discussed some important things to know if you’re headed to college, but if you’re headed to grad school, the game changes. In many fields, it’s all but required, and even if it’s not, it might be necessary to distinguish yourself from the competition. If that sounds familiar, here are some things we wish we knew when we went after our advanced degrees.

College is more than job training. It’s your chance to explore, make friends, and grow as a…Read moreRead on

Grad school has a reputation for being the most difficult time in a student’s life. It usually comes after a long undergrad career, bringing empty pockets, longer classes, and teaching requirements to students—on top of the stress of independent studies or a thesis. However, it can also be an eye-opening and fulfilling part of your academic career—and it opens doors you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life. Here are some of the things a few of us at Lifehacker learned from our graduate schooling that you can take with you going in.

One of the most surprising things I learned in grad school was how fiercely competitive my classmates were. It was a completely different world beyond my undergrad career, where most of us were content to do our work individually. Instead, my classmates were intent on making sure they were at the top of the class, well-known and liked by professors and classmates, and as active in class activities as possible. Via lifehacker.com

If for any reason you want me to add more information about topics related to graduate school enrollment or studying for IELTS please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through Facebook or email.

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