Jim Lacosta
January 14, 2015

Steps in Developing the Best Study Habits

 There are many study techniques that students can use to do well in school and prepare for exams. I personally believe that these study techniques can also be used by individuals who are preparing for English proficiency exams. Studying does not necessarily equate to learning as there are times when people study without even learning anything. This is why I strongly suggest that those who want to do well during exams should ensure that they use study techniques that can help them  perform at their best during the test. There are strategies that can significantly motivate test takers to work hard and put their heart and mind to whatever they are doing to learn. I find this article very interesting since it discusses some effective ways to study. Using ineffective study methods would only waste the time and energy of students, and I bet these techniques here are worth trying. Please check this out:

Most Effective Ways to Study Techniques on How to Study Effectively

http://www.webalivemedia.com/most-effective-ways-to-study/Skip to Watch Videos You might be surprised to hear that most people in school, college are working too hard to memorize what they learn . Even people studying at home too are usually working much harder than they need to.

What most people don’t know is that studying and learning should definitely never be too difficult. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what it’s like. You are familiar with the feeling: you go to class, get lots of homework, then spend hours and hours reading over your notes, and trying to memorize everything before your next exam.

Not only is this absolutely stressful, but studying this way is both time consuming and extremely waste of energy. However the good news is, studying doesn’t have to be indeed this difficult. In fact, if practically done correctly studying and learning should be an extremely pleasurable experience. It shouldn’t be hard and it should probably take you less than half the time you’re already badly spending. So how is all this possible? Via webalivemedia.com

I am also doing some research about the food and beverages that are good for the brain. I think consuming some healthy food in preparing for the IELTS exam can provide great advantages. If you are looking for more study guides, you can check out my website as I’ll be posting more articles here in the coming days. I’ve been collecting some articles about study tips and guides, which I will eventually share here.

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